"I've used the Roth Law Group for services including business formation, litigation, trademark registration and consulting. I appreciate their problem-solving approach and the interest they take in their clients' situations."

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When faced with a legal challenge, your attorneys should help you identify your goals at the beginning of the process. Thereafter, every action that follows must be undertaken with the aim of meeting those goals. Wasted effort equals wasted time and money, that’s something you cannot afford and your attorneys must respect this concept. At Roth Law Group, we counsel our clients to confront their legal challenges aggressively, but with purpose.

As a former Marine Corps Pilot, I learned that you must assess the situation, determine your mission, construct a plan to achieve the mission and execute that plan. As an attorney and small business owner, I apply the same concepts in taking on my client’s legal challenges. And while it is generally preferable to resolve cases early in the process whenever possible, if you have no choice but to fight, you need someone who is willing to aggressively advocate for you. Here at Roth Law Group, we never back down from a challenge and we fight to win.

Your business deserves the protection of competent legal counsel, whether that is general legal counsel or litigation counsel. Having an attorney you can call and actually reach on the phone is not a luxury, it’s a necessity in today’s litigious business climate. And it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to have ready access to high quality legal services. Roth Law Group can provide your business with a full range of legal services and it can do so affordably.

Roth Law Group attorneys have actual hands-on experience working in fields including accounting, manufacturing, aviation and construction. We have litigated cases ranging from IT to complex engineering projects. We are as comfortable representing you in the boardroom as the courtroom. The attorneys at Roth Law Group are highly skilled litigators and negotiators.

Litigation can be an expensive and time consuming diversion from achieving your business objectives. You should implement litigation avoidance measures which often begins with ensuring you have well-drafted contracts. So many of the legal disputes we see arise from poorly drafted contracts or from a client failing to appreciate the impact of seemingly innocuous language.

Let our experienced attorneys put you in control of your legal challenges so you can get back to running your business.

“We recognize that you have businesses to run and we aim to prevent legal problems that could affect your financial status or reputation. Our lawyers view our clients' legal problems as business problems and work creatively and quickly to resolve them.”
Karl W. Roth, Managing Partner Roth Law Group
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We know that most small business owners have a limited budget to allocate toward legal fees. That is why...
When a contract goes wrong and you are not getting what you bargained for, we can do the talking for you...
We use our business experience to help people turn their ideas into successes. With years of experience helping clients...
If you have been served with a Complaint from a North Carolina Court, or if you have a dispute...

The attorneys at Roth Law Group aggressively defended my company and helped reach an expeditious resolution that spared me incurring unnecessary litigation costs and protected my business.

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