Practice Areas

Attorney Karl W. Roth has over 21 years legal experience helping small businesses in matters ranging from simple corporate transactions to complex commercial litigation. Karl has real world business experience in areas including manufacturing, construction and commercial aviation.

Over the past 18 years, Roth Law Group has represented businesses in fields including: Information Technology, Chemical Manufacturing, Residential and Commercial Construction, Professional Staffing, Engineering, Railroad Infrastructure Projects, Oil and Gas Leasing and General Commercial Leasing, to name just a few.

At Roth Law Group, we understand what it takes to operate a business and know that practical business experience gives us an edge over our adversaries. Our attorneys can help you whether or not you have a contract dispute or just need general business legal advice.

Contact Roth Law Group at (919) 410-8107 today and talk with a Raleigh, North Carolina attorney about how we can help your business.

Our Practice Areas Include: