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Roth Law Group Attorneys Have Practical Real World Experience.

Most business attorneys have never actually run a business, so they don’t understand that every dollar you spend on litigation comes right out of your profit. With that in mind, you should interview any prospective lawyer and find out what they know about your business before you sign the retainer.

Practical knowledge goes a long way in this business and it sure helps if your attorney knows which end of a hammer to hold if you expect them to understand how a construction project works or a chemical factory operates.

It also helps if your attorney is a problem solver. Sometimes you have no choice and you have to fight, but you need to fight smart and have a realistic objective in mind. Don’t let an attorney rush you into court before looking at other options.

Our experience in areas ranging from construction and manufacturing to IT are key to understanding our client’s cases. Roth Law Group attorneys work together with our clients to form an integrated team that give us an edge over our adversaries.

You’re not just a billable hour with Roth Law Group, you’re a person running a business in an uphill economy in which nobody gets any breaks. You can rest assured if you hire our Firm that we will fight every day to earn and keep the privilege of being your law firm.

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