Firm Overview

“You’re not in the lawsuit industry and your focus should be directed toward running your business.” Karl W. Roth, Managing Partner

Hiring a law firm whose attorneys understand the inner workings of a small business can give you an advantage whether you are in need of general legal services or are involved in commercial litigation. You are in business to make a profit – not to support a law firm through unnecessary litigation. We work to take the burden of legal conflict off of your business and we do so as efficiently as possible.

We know that legal issues use up time and resources that you would rather invest in the success of your business. The law is increasingly complex and can easily become an expensive and time-consuming distraction for the operator of a small business. We understand this and focus on achieving the best and most practical legal and business result for our clients.

At Roth Law Group, we believe in forming alliances with our clients that continue beyond the resolution of their litigation issues. To achieve this objective, we treat our clients with respect and they are billed fairly for our services.

Roth Law Group never looks at litigation as being the first option if there are more efficient and cost effective alternatives. Again, the goal is not to litigate without purposes…you need to have a plan on how to resolve disputes before you get mired down in costly litigation. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is sometimes the best route for resolving a business dispute.

Roth Law Group serves the legal needs of small businesses in a variety of matters including general legal counsel, commercial litigation, contract disputes, civil litigation, small business litigation, and other legal matters.

We know local procedures and we have had great success representing both local and out-of-state businesses in need of local legal representation.

If you are in need of general legal counsel or involved in a business dispute in North Carolina, contact Roth Law Group to discuss your options. Our lawyers are available at (919) 410-8107 to discuss your North Carolina business law concerns.