General Legal Counsel

No business can afford to be without ready access to legal counsel in today’s litigious climate. You probably don’t think twice about having an accountant, but your team is not complete without a skilled business attorney. Whether you have a question about a term in a contract or you need a letter written to a slow paying customer, we are just a phone call away.

Our small business clients have the option to retain us for a small monthly retainer that offers up to two hours of legal services per month. After that, we bill hourly and we only bill for the time we spend working on your legal issues. The benefit of having a law firm on retainer is that you don’t need to shop around every time a legal issue comes up… we are a quick phone call away.

At Roth Law Group, we have the capacity to expand our role as your general legal counsel as your business grows. We look to build relationships with our small business clients so that they know they can depend on us for years to come, whatever their future business needs may be. As your company grows, we can adapt our services to meet your needs. Whether you face contract negotiations, commercial disputes, or equipment leasing disputes, we offer quality general legal counsel to protect your interests.

Let the attorneys at Roth Law Group help you evaluate protecting your brand with a trademark by calling (919) 410-8107 for a free consultation.