Are you being sued?

General Counsel Services

Small business owners don’t think twice about hiring an accountant, why don’t they feel the same about hiring an attorney? The truth is that you can’t waste time looking for a business attorney every time a legal matter arises. We represent numerous small businesses from corporate formation through document drafting and review. We are always no more than a phone call away and we are proud of our ability to address our clients’ needs on short notice.

You cannot afford to be unrepresented in the litigious business climate in which we operate. Too often we find that a simple contract review could have avoided a costly mistake had the business merely sought legal counsel prior to execution. Don’t make this costly mistake, protect your business and retain Roth Law Group as your General Counsel.

Roth Law Group offers affordable rates for all of your non-litigation business needs. And we have programs in place that allow you monthly blocks of time tailored to your specific legal needs at a flat rate. We strive to develop and maintain long term relationships with all of our business clients. And we can scale our services as you grow your business. From contract drafting and litigation avoidance preparation, to commercial collections, we seek to be your most trusted legal resource.

Contact Roth Law Group today at (919) 410-8107 to discuss how we can help you address your small business legal concerns through general legal counsel.